Shotbow Developer Application
- Shotbow developers are volunteers and are not paid
- Submitting an application does not mean you will be accepted, but it does mean your application will be reviewed
- You must be over 18 years of age
- If accepted, all code you write for Shotbow will belong to Shotbow.
- In order to become a Shotbow developer, you must be willing to sign an NDA. This means that if you become a developer and leak any code, we will take legal action.
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Being on the developer team can be time consuming. How long on average can you dedicate per week to developing for Shotbow? *
Members of the developer team are expected to follow a certain sense of professionalism, just as much as in-game staff are. In your opinion, would you need to maintain this professionalism outside of games as well? Please elaborate. *
Please link your previous work. (Source code required, Java required, Spigot recommended) *
Do you have any supplemental information that might better your chances of being accepted? *
Do you understand that Shotbow developers are volunteers and are not paid? *
Do you understand that submitting this application does not mean you will be accepted? *
If you are over 18 please click "I am over 18," anyone who is not over 18 will automatically have their application denied. *
Do you acknowledge that all code you write for Shotbow belongs to Shotbow? *
Do you acknowledge that you must sign an NDA to become a developer, and that if you leak any code we will take legal action? *
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