Profit With Digital Currency.
From cowries to the gold standard and now to the current fiat system, money has always been defined by, and evolved with, man's need at the time. Likewise, the rise in digital currencies such as Bitcoin comes at a time of a widespread adoption of technology, flagging confidence in central banks, and the marginalisation of cash. Bitcoin and its kind have become an essential investment niche in recent times, even in Nigeria where a lot of our clients and friends have made so much money for themselves and loved one by gaining mastery of this opportunity. so, instead of staying at a novice or information stage about this new technology, why don't you join our one-day workshop and start making profit with digital currency while others are making noise.
Understand the digital currency technology
Define different digital currencies.
Identify the real digital currency.
How to recognise digital currency opportunities.
Find points of interest for each participants.
Initiate your first investment and make profit.
Part 1: Introduction to Digital Currency
Module One: Origin of Digital Currencies
Module Two: The Blockchain Technology
Module Three: Potentials of Digital Currencies
Module Four: Identifying a true Digital currency
Module Five: Profiting with digital currency

Part 2: Understanding Digital Currency Assets & Liabilities.

Module Six: The Basics of Bitcoin
Module Seven: Bitcoin regulation
Module Eight: Bitcoin as an asset class
Module Nine: Tools to analyse bitcoin ecosystem
Module Ten: Alternative profitable digital currencies

Part 3: Profiting With Digital Currency
Module Eleven: Setting up your digital currency account
Module Twelve: Sourcing and purchasing digital currencies
Module Thirteen: Setting up your account Security
Module Fourteen: Dealing with fraudsters and hackers
Module Fifteen: Making your first investment.

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