2014-15 The PEAK Program - Application

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The PEAK Program
2014-15 Application

Please submit completed application by the date(s) indicated below.

If you any questions, please contact Joey Castaneda, School Programs Associate, at jcastaneda@sfopera.com or (415) 551-6296.

    The PEAK Program - Description

    The Opera ARIA (Arts Resources in Action) High School program, PEAK (Practicing Everyday Arts Knowledge) integrates opera’s multi-disciplinary characteristics into a cross-subject curriculum, utilizing a specific opera as a prism to explore the connection of a number of subjects to a single artwork. The study of an opera can occur in multiple classrooms in the school through multiple academic disciplines and a centralized theme (e.g. conflict, retaliation, jealousy). In addition to connecting opera to expected subjects (English/Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts and Foreign Languages), more diverse curriculum connections can also be developed (Mathematics, Science, Career Technical Education, Physical Education, and Health Education). The PEAK program includes: 1) an in-school partnership between educators and an Opera teaching artist of 4 to 12 in-class visits; 2) two three-hour professional development (PD) sessions (includes pre-planning activities); 3) planning meetings between the educators and teaching artist during each school visit; and 4) access to one opera plus one opera resource of the Educator’s choice (see choices below). Grades: 9-12 Requirements: 1) A minimum of 1 dedicated educator; a minimum of two class periods 2) Educator(s) participate in professional development and planning meetings Public School Fee: $250 fee per classroom. This fee is for nearby SF Bay Area Public Schools with 30%+ Socio Economic Disadvantage status. Scholarships are available. Other Schools: Please contact us for fee information. Continuing Education Units: SFO offers academic credit through Cal State East Bay for our professional development offerings. Educators interested in obtaining credit must complete at least 10 hours of professional development. Working together with a San Francisco Opera (SFO) Teaching Artist (TA), participating educators develop individual strategies for opera integration through a multi-step in-school partnership. • Teaching artists will co-lead opera instruction in the classroom with the teacher and participate in ongoing planning meetings. • Teaching artists will act as an ongoing guide for the teachers in arts integration and fulfilling the selected opera resource. • Teaching artists have expertise in opera and more than one of these arts: poetry and scriptwriting, composing, directing, visual art design, singing and stage presentation. Participation in two three-hour professional development (PD) sessions is a part of the program. One PD is focused on the study of the specific opera of your choice and is scheduled within 3 weeks of the dress rehearsal date. This session includes an introduction to the opera, curriculum connections and a brainstorm session about what to teach your students. Educator materials are provided. The second PD is focused on experiencing and studying the opera resource of your choice and will be scheduled based on teacher availability, occurring at least one week before the first in-school visit. SF Opera offers academic credit (CEUs) through Cal State East Bay for our professional development offerings. This course can be taken for one credit (10 hours of PD), one and a half credits (15 hours of PD), or two credits (20 hours of PD), and costs $89 per unit. You can combine SF Opera PD programs to create your own course. Check the “yes” option on the Application, if you want to learn more. Please see the list of operas and opera resources below; please choose one opera and one opera residency per PEAK teacher. If you think of another resource that matches your area of study better than the list on the next page, please request it under “other” and we will see what we can do (i.e., visit from a Stage Director, visit from members of the SF Opera Chorus, visit from members of the SF Opera Orchestra, visit to the SFO Media Suite, lecturer on the History of Opera, interview with a SFO Marketing staff member).