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Jewish Greek Council is a student group at UF Hillel for Jewish students in Greek life. Our goal is to connect members from across Greek life by their Jewish identity as well as strengthen the bonds between Jewish members of their own chapters. JGC aims to host monthly events for students across every chapter, such as philanthropy events, socially-distanced dance parties, and hopefully a retreat in the spring. JGC will also be hosting socials between different chapters that are organized by our Inter-Chapter Programming Directors and Chapter Leads. If you want to be a part of planning your chapter's social events, please indicate on your registration that you would like to be a Chapter Lead.

All Jewish students in Greek life at UF are invited to be members of the council. We are in the process of designing JGC Rush shirts that will be distributed for free to students who register as part of the council. Stay tuned for more on this...

If you have any questions about being a council member, please contact our Executive Directors Ben Levine ( and Taylor Ehlrich ( Other questions can be directed to Ashley Jones, UF Hillel's IACT Israel Engagement Associate, at
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