Calling Back Our Womb
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Possible topics include (but are not limited to):
Cross-border issues
Ceremony and pregnancy
Community birth education
Reproductive justice issues facing indigenous people
Access to anticolonial birth knowledge
Indigenous midwifery (What is that?)
Addressing fear and its spiritual impact during pregnancy
Pregnancy/delivery under occupation/during attack
What if a baby is born intersex?
Anticolonial midwifery/Doulas
Anticolonizing pregnancy (not just birth)
Village/community prenatals what does this look like and comparison to “prenatal care”
Giving voice to power stories vs. war stories/horror stories
Reclaiming the 3rd stage of birth
Family law and indigeneity
Postpartum distress
How to talk with family who disagree
Standing/squatting versus horizontal birth
Birth creation stories
Breech birth at home
Unattended and undisturbed birth
Home birth
Water birth
Hospital trauma/Birth trauma
Birth as act of resistance
What is Undisturbed birth?
The correlation of extraction industry and violence against womxn including violence in birth
Fear / white spirit-loss
conversations with different nations/tribes
Cuarentena / 40 days post-birth
Mothers with pre-existing diseases who want to anticolonize birth
Points of internalized shame
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