Future Of Oval Racing in GTA
NOTE: This poll should NOT be filled out by people who don't play GTA/FiveM on PC, as this poll is for an event which is hosted solely on GTA on PC. Please only complete the poll only once.

Hi all, I'm redlaserbm (formerly BIGGamerer). I've been a member of NODO since March 2015, and participated in my first NODO event in July 2015. Last year, I hosted two seasons of Nonchalant Dominance's premier oval racing championship, Broughcar, in GTA Online. Given some recent interest expressed over oval racing, the release of the new Sabre Hotring, and the progress in the development of the Project Homecoming FiveM server, I have created this poll to gauge interest in oval racing and permit people who are interested in seeing oval racing in GTA happening to give suggestions on how I should proceed with hosting the Broughcar series.
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