2020 Junior Facilitator (JuFa) Application
Applications must be completed by 01-05-2020.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this application, please e-mail Tinsley and Eric in the staff account (missourileadership.staff@gmail.com).

Criteria to return as a JuFa:
- 100 hours of community service. (All community service logs are due AT YOUR TRAINING DATE.)
- Complete at least one civic event.
- Fundraising of a minimum of $150.
- Attend a mandatory training session.

MLS 2020 will be held June 5-7, with staff reporting on Thursday, June 4 at the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO.
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Mandatory Training Session *
You MUST attend the date you choose.
What is your prefered training location? ***Note: we will use this data to select the closest training location for the majority of staff attending each training date. *
The board has decided to eliminate on-site training this year. ALL staff members are required to attend one of the two training sessions (out-of-state staff, included). If there are circumstances that prevent you from attending in person, you need to contact Tinsley and Eric via email (missourileadership.staff@gmail.com) ASAP (preferably by April 1st). Those who are approved can Skype into a training date listed above.

There is a $50 fee for any staff member that joins the Skype call without notifying Tinsley and Eric before training. Staff who fail to communicate with Tinsley and Eric and fail to attend training (in-person or Skype) lose their invitation to seminar.
I understand that training is mandatory. If I cannot make training, or do not show up to training or Skype in without notifying the Director of Staff ahead of time and receiving BOD approval, I understand that I will be required to raise an extra $50 (in addition to the required $150) by May 1st to retain my spot on staff. If an unforeseeable circumstance should arise, I will contact the Director of Staff (missourileadership.staff@gmail.com) immediately for board approval to miss training (and not be fined). *
How many volunteer hours have you completed since MLS 2019? *
100 service hours must be completed by your April training to return on seminar staff.
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What agencies, groups, or organizations have you volunteered for that you would you like to share? *
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What is your T-Shirt Size? *
This is for staff shirts once MLS 2020 staff has been selected.
Do you have any allergies? (If you don't have any allergies type N/A) *
This is for our records for those selected for MLS 2020 staff.
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Why do you feel you are best suited for your desired position? *
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Short Answer Questions
As we review applications, the Missouri Leadership Seminar Board will be looking for applicants who exude leadership within the organization, service, responsibility, and the ability to form positive peer relationships with ambassadors. Please keep this in mind while answering the following questions.
FOR ALL APPLICANTS: In 700 characters or less, how has MLS inspired you to volunteer in your community, school, church, etc? Provide concrete examples.
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For ALL APPLICANTS: What was one time you were in a leadership role (or in your life) and you made a mistake? How did you fix/handle it? Things you wish you would have done differently? *
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Can you attend the entire seminar?
By signing the following line, you commit to volunteering for MLS 2020 and acknowledge that you've never been convicted of a felony. Please sign your first and last name. *
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