The Christmas Letter Swap is a writing project that aims to poke harmless fun at the questionable tradition of sending out obnoxious holiday form letters. It is an opportunity to do a little creative writing and receive some weird, fun holiday mail. We could all use a little levity this holiday season.

Participants will write a letter for a fictional family (Anything goes! Have fun with it!) and send copies to the five addresses they are assigned. (No names will be shared). In return, they will receive unique letters from five other fictional families.

There is no cost to participate. A $100 cash prize will be given out, drawn at random from the participants who honored their commitment and followed the rules of the project.

WE EXPECT YOU TO HONOR THE COMMITMENT IF YOU SIGN UP. (If you don't, you'll cheat others out of some fun and take without giving. We'll also put you in our Hall of Shame.)

After signing up here, you will receive an email within a few days. After registration closes on December 3rd, you will receive your five addresses. However, you are welcome to start composing the letter much earlier. By December 13th, you will need to send your letters and email me proof (a PDF, photo, or scan of the letter and a photo of your addressed and stamped envelopes).

For more details, past letters, etc., please visit

Any questions? Please email Scott at

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