Survey of Tepe Park Neighborhood
We are a group of students from the Master of Public Administration at the University of Southern Indiana, who are working in partnership with Community One as part of our capstone project to finalize our program. For this project, we are examining the current involvement of youth at Tepe Park in different formal activities within the neighborhood. Since you are a current resident at Tepe Park, we would like to invite you to complete this survey. Your participation in this survey is of great importance for Community One and the Life Plan project implemented in the neighborhood.

This survey will require approximately 15 minutes of your time to be completed. This survey will be confidential and there is no risk that this information will be used other than the intended purpose of the survey. In order to ensure that this information is confidential, please do not include your name in this survey. If you decide to participate in this survey, please complete the entire survey as honestly as you can. If you decide not to participate, you can refuse to do it at any time.

We appreciate that you are taking the time to answer these questions. All data information collected from this survey is going to serve as a crucial source of information for the Tepe Park quality of life and activities that would be implemented to accomplish the goals and objectives of this plan.

Please contact the research team if you have questions or concerns:
Travis Dickison
Kara Shadrick
Brushell Solorzano
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