Agile on the Beach 2018 Survey
Thank you for attending Agile on the Beach and providing your feedback for our Retrospective. We hope you have enjoyed the conference.

All responses including an email and consent will be entered into a draw for a complementary ticket to Agile on the Beach 2019.

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Which of the following channels have you used to engage with us and others at the conference?
We have developed a new site this year and are developing it further to share content and information with you before, during and after the event. If you have used the new website please let us know what worked well for you and any suggestions for improvements we can make.
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Complementary ticket Draw for a conference ticket to Agile on the Beach 11&12 July 2019. Ticket can not be exchanged but maybe transferred to another person if you are unable to attend. Does not include accommodation, travel or boat trip ticket.

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