FOSTER CARER APPLICATION - Sunny Days Rescue & Rehab
* HI! Please read this important note before applying to foster one of our rescue pets:

If offering to foster a pet described by us as 'timid/shy/needing handling' this means the little one will need your focus and patience to help them become more confident. If you're not experienced with timid animals you may want to consider fostering another pet or discuss this with us, as it's very stressful on animals to go to new homes only to be returned because the person wasn't honest or realistic about their experience, or agreed to work on handling etc but did not. So please be as honest as you can, we understand not everyone has the time, experience or skills to help certain pets so it's important we find the right fit for you :)

Akso we hope you'll be willing to foster for long enough that the pet feels safe, can start to let it's personality come out, and eventually find it's forever home. Sometimes this is days or weeks but for some pets can be months, so please let us know if timeframe is an issue for you.

Thankyou for welcoming a Sunny Days pet into your home :)

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