Amplify student voice: TED-Ed Clubs challenge

TED wants to find fresh new student voices to share, and we need YOUR help! This month, we are launching a TED-Ed Clubs Challenge to surface student stories from around the world. The goal: help us start 500 new Clubs by ​September 1 so we can add to the 25,000 student voices that have been celebrated and amplified from our platform so far! Participating in this challenge makes you a leader in the student voice movement, which means you may be selected to attend our next TED-Ed Weekend event, our treat!


1) Fill out the short form below.
2) Find anyone you can — in another class, another part of your school, a different school, an after-school program, a club, or even an online community — who might be interested in spreading student ideas!
3) We'll send you our TED-Ed Clubs Challenge resources and next steps.
4) You'll share those resources with everyone you recruit so they can easily join the TED-Ed Clubs movement!


*In order to be counted, all applications for new Clubs must be submitted by September 1.
*You must be 13 years old or older to participate.
*Anyone (Club Leader/Member or not) can participate.
*We'll be updating you along the way to show you how the Challenge is going (and who's in the lead!) so stay tuned!

Ready? Set? Recruit!