Prayer in Uncertainty: A Collection of Prayers
In search of the language of prayer
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Why Prayer in Uncertainty?
This long season of pandemic has been impossible: a fracturing of all certainties. Fear, grief and a deep not-knowing came to our global doorstep in ways we might never have imagined.

Through it all you prayed. You sought the One in whom we live and move and have our being. You used words, shouts, murmurs, silences, expletives and bodily gestures still yet reverberating in the incarnational ear of God.

And so, I seek your prayers - the prayers you prayed in this year+ of uncertainty.

I am researching "Prayer in Uncertainty" through a grant from the Louisville Institute. I am interested in the pandemic-tinged prayers you prayed in public, especially from religious leaders leading the people of God through the impossible uncertainties of not knowing what the next day or hour might bring. Prayers might be from worship, funerals, weddings, virtual prayer services, zoom committee meetings, online commissioning or ordination services, protests, vigils, or any other type of setting in which people gather or "gather virtually."

I believe a collection of these prayers gives insight into who God is and who we are (individually and collectively). The collection voices an eternal echo of a ceaseless conversation between us and God.

I seek your prayers  - the prayers of fellow clergy - because I believe the beauty, strength, poetry, poignancy, tenderness and healing-love of your words - our words - are meant to be gathered up together.

Link to grant on Prayer in Uncertainty:

In Gratitude,

Katie Snipes Lancaster

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