2017 Reach Higher Massachusetts Convening Evaluation
Thank you for attending the Reach Higher Massachusetts convening at Framingham State University! We are interested in hearing your thoughts on the day with just a few questions below..
How satisfied were you with...
Not Applicable
...the registration process
...communication leading up to convening
...the convening location
...the speakers in the morning (e.g., Secretary Peyser, Jim Vetter, President Glenn)
...the morning concurrent sessions
...the lunch speaker (Commissioner Santiago)
...the afternoon sessions (beyond access, SEL)
Overall Evaluation
Neither agree nor disagree
The convening met my expectations
The speakers were engaging
Overall, the sessions met my expectations
Would you be interested in attending a future convening at the state or regional level?
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Is there anything else you would like to add about your experiences at the convening?
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