Bonner Scholars Program Application | Fall 2012

Established at Centre College in 1999, the Bonner Program is a vibrant part of the Centre student culture, focused on issues of social justice, civic engagement, diversity, spiritual exploration, and international perspective. Students in the Bonner Program make a commitment to working hard for the common good through direct service, volunteer recruitment, and program development. We believe that each individual has the ability to make a difference in this world and we are committed to providing those opportunities for all.

The Bonner Program is a voluntary experience, but one that does come with responsibilities.

<b>I. Expectations for Bonners </b>

The Bonner Program at Centre College was established to provide students the opportunity to develop relationships with community agencies in an effort to meet the needs and further the goals of the Danville/Boyle County area. Additionally, Bonner students at Centre are charged with serving as catalysts to develop a culture of service and to promote positive change within the student body. To further this goal, the following duties are required:

Attendance at the Fall Orientation program (held the week before classes begin in August).

Completion of at least 10 hours of service per week.
- 2 hours of the total may be from training and enrichment events;
- 280 total hours are required for each school year;
- The majority of hours should be completed at the student’s primary service site.

Completion of a Community Learning Agreement at least once per semester between the student and the community agency/partner.

Completion of monthly hour logs that indicate hours volunteered during that time period.

Attendance at weekly Bonner class meetings and all-Bonner meetings at least once per month.

Participation in a 1-on-1 meeting with the Bonner Director or Coordinator each semester.

Completion of Bonner impact surveys when required by the national Bonner Foundation.

<b>II. Benefits for Bonners</b>

As compensation for above requirements, the Bonner Foundation and Centre provide the following benefits to Bonner Leaders:
• Up to $5550.00 available in AmeriCorps loan reduction money contingent upon enrollment in the AmeriCorps undergraduate program, which runs parallel to the Bonner Program.
• Opportunity to complete a summer of service with compensation of up to $2500.
• Community enrichment grant of $500 available to support community service projects and leadership development activities.
• Opportunity to attend service trips and conferences organized and financed by Centre.
• Bonner service site doubles as work-study site, if you qualify.
• Membership in a national network of other committed service leaders.
• Exposure to intense and diverse conversations regarding current state, international, national, regional, and campus issues and the common commitments of the Bonner Program.

By completing this application, you indicate that you have read and understand the expectations and benefits of the Bonner Program at Centre College. Your completion and submission of this application grants permission to the staff of the Bonner Scholars Program at Centre College access to your GPA from the Registrar's Office, and student financial information from the Office of Admission and Student Financial Planning.

<b>Please submit this form no later than 5:00 PM Monday, October 15, 2012.</b>