Summer 2021 Feedback & Ideas
Hi there, We hope you enjoyed the last few months of summer. We are beginning to plan for 2022 and before we get too far ahead, we wanted to to check in with you - our paddling community.

It was a summer of growing, stretching and trying new things. We ran some new programs, sent more emails and tried to maintain our SUP community vibe. But now, the floor is yours. We really want to know from you, what you liked, didn't like or think could be changed. Is there something missing that you would like to see offered? We will be using all of your feedback to inform our 2022 decisions.

To thank you for your time, we will be holding a draw of all submissions and the winner will receive a Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures toque and neck gaiter - perfect for the fall and winter paddling season. Please be sure to provide your name and email so you can be entered to win.
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What paddling events did you attend this summer? *
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If you could take a SUP adventure ANYWHERE, where would you want to go and for how long (#days total, not necessarily paddling everyday)?
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If you have feedback, ideas or suggestions for our emails, please drop them here:
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What other type of blog content would be helpful to you to keep up the paddling stoke through the winter?
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If you could expand on the online booking experience, we'd love to hear it all!!!
Any final thoughts or feedback you wish to share? And if something comes to mind later, please email :)
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