Brine Submission Form :: Art
This form is for art submissions for Brine the Zine. Please use this form to submit stand-alone art, or examples of past work so that we can then find a piece for you to illustrate. If you have someone in mind that you'd like to illustrate for, please include their name.

Please keep in mind that all art will be printed in black and white.

Email address *
Full Name
Shipping address (if your work is used in Brine, we'd like to send you a copy!)
In what way are you hoping to contribute to Brine? *
If you're hoping to illustrate for a specific writer, who is it?
For stand-alone art, what size?
Is the art completed?
If the work is not completed, please attach work samples and any online portfolios -- this will help us pair you up with a writer!
Website, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Upload finished art, sketch, or work samples. *
Requirements: Must be .jpg or .tiff; must be black and white (will be converted to black and white if submitted in color); 300 dpi. Please keep in mind that all images will be printed in black and white. Any color submissions will be converted into grayscale. Please name your file accordingly [seasonYear_lastNameFirstName_titleOrAccompanyingWriting]
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