Ableton in San Diego Survey
Ableton Live Users in and around the San Diego Area: Welcome to our Ableton survey. We're looking to flesh out the status of Ableton Live collaborations in the San Diego area (south the TJ and up to Capistrano). Please contribute your thoughts and we'll reward you with fabulous prizes (yet to be determined). Thanks! - Trevor & others....
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Location: How close to you live to San Diego
Experience: What is your experience with Ableton?
Performance: Do you perform with Ableton Live?
Audience: On average how often do you attend live / club events?
Genres: Which Genres do you like to play?
Hardware: Do you like to use hardware with your Ableton setup? If so, what?
Event Type: What types of performance events interest you?
Groups: To which San Diego Groups do you belong?
Suggestions: Related to Ableton, what would you like to see in the San Diego area?
LA: Are you interested in participating in Ableton events in the LA area?
You: Do you have more information about your music and/or art? List Bandcamp, iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc. links here:
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