Trixter and Tales of Arilland REVIEWS
Alethea Kontis is looking for Amazon reviews (blog and Goodreads appreciated also) for her two newest books, TRIXTER and TALES OF ARILLAND (which just won the Gelett Burgess Award). These are YA/NA fantasy with fairy tale twists and based off of her Woodcutter Sisters Series. These stories have a darker edge. They can be read as standalones, although you'll have a better picture of the setting if you've read her other books. Laura and I both love the Woodcutter Sisters Series!

Ideally reviews should be completed in the next 30 days (by February 9th), but can be extended to 60 days (March 9th). She also has a tour in the works for April that will be for Trix's second book, so look for that sign-up soon!

You can sign up for both books or just one. Both are fairly short.

You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER to review these titles. An Amazon review is all that is required.

Review copies will be sent out by January 9th. If you sign up after that date, you should receive your copy in a day or two after you've signed up.

Any questions? Contact Tressa at

Trixter (The Trix Adventures #1)
BOOK SUMMARY (144 Pages):

Trix Woodcutter is the long prophesied Boy Who Talks to Animals. He’s also a foundling prankster scamp who places his family under a sleeping spell so that he can run away from home. Compelled by a vision of his dead birthmother, Trix departs on the eve of a Great Catastrophe, only to find himself caught in the maelstrom. Armed with little more than his wits and the wisdom inherent in all fey-blooded youth, Trix confronts a legendary Animal King, faces off against a ghostly feline, rescues a damsel in distress, and discovers more about himself than he ever wished to know.

And this adventure is only the beginning.

Tales of Arilland (Books of Arilland #5)
BOOK SUMMARY (196 Pages):

In the fairy tale realm of Arilland, stories are told at children's bedsides--and not the stories you think you know.

Tales of Arilland is a collection of fairy tales, presented in the magical topsy-turvy way that only Alethea Kontis can do. Discover the story of Bluebeard's first wife ("Blood From Stone"), what really happened to Snow White in those dark woods ("The Unicorn Hunter"), how dangerous the Little Mermaid might have been ("Blood and Water"), and just how far Little Red Riding Hood was willing to go ("Hero Worship"). Included in this collection is "Sunday," the original novelette that inspired the award-winning novel Enchanted, as well as "The Cursed Prince," the previously untold history of Prince Rumbold of Arilland…and more.

Woodcutter enthusiasts will rejoice at this opportunity to delve into the secret worlds beyond Kontis’s intricately woven fantasy novels. And if you are not a fan yet, you will be!

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