2019-2020 School Climate Survey - Parent Edition
Demographic Information
Are you:
Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?
How many children in your household currently attend Westside Elementary School?
What is your race? (Select all that apply)
School Climate
Please rate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.
Westside provides instructional materials (textbooks, handouts, etc.) that reflect my child's cultural background, ethnicity, and identity.
Adults working at Westside treat my child respectfully.
Westside communicates how important it is to respect the practices of all cultures.
Westside helps me figure out what social and emotional skills my child needs to develop (e.g. self-control, problem solving, getting along with others).
My child feels that he/she belongs at Westside.
As a parent, I feel welcome at Westside.
Westside encourages me to be an active partner in my child's education.
I feel comfortable talking to teachers and staff about my child's behavior.
Westside promptly responds to my phone calls, messages, or e-mails.
Teachers and staff at Westside really care about my child.
My child is safe at Westside.
Racial/ethnic conflict among students is a problem at Westside.
Physical fighting among students is a problem at Westside.
Bullying among students is a problem at Westside.
Westside notifies parents effectively in the event of a school-wide emergency.
Westside looks clean and well maintained.
Attending school every day is important to my student's success.
My child's teachers make themselves available to me.
Westside has programs that develop student's social and emotional needs.
When my child does something good at school, I usually hear about it from the school.
Westside communicates policies and procedures clearly.
School rules are applied equally to all students.
Discipline is fair.
Overall, I am proud that my child attends Westside.
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