MSTI-Fresno CSET Workshop Participant Information
Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)
California State University, Fresno
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Credential goals (e.g., Foundational-Level Mathematics, Single Subject Science: Chemistry, etc.): *
MSTI's CSET workshops/courses that you have taken (e.g., Math Subtest II, Summer 2021; Physics, November 2020):
CSET Mathematics Subtests that you have passed:
Math Subtest I (#211)
Math Subtest II (#212)
Math Subtest III (#213)
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CSET Science Subtests that you have passed:
CSET I – General Science (#215)
CSET II – Life Sciences (#217)
CSET II – Chemistry (#218)
CSET II – Earth/Planetary Science (#219)
CSET II – Physics (#220)
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Please select which CSET: Mathematics Subtest workshop series you are interested in taking with Dr. Delcroix (2022): *
Please select all CSET Science Workshops you would like to attend. (All are held on Saturdays. General Science and Life Sciences workshops: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Physics workshop: 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.) *
Questions and/or comments:
(For more timely responses, please email questions regarding the science workshops to Dr. Brad Huff at   Email Dr. Stefaan Delcroix at for math workshop information. For other MSTI-related information, please email Dr. Carol Fry Bohlin at
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