Softball Exchange 2019 Housing form
Dear ISM Students/Parents,
ISM will be hosting students from TAS; for the softball exchange March 15-17, 2019.
In order to put this exchange weekend of games on we are required to provide home stays for the athletes while they are in Manila. We are required to house at total of 14 female athletes for this event. It is school policy that students involved in ATAC/IASAS activities are willing to house a visiting student. TAS team will arrive Friday March 15th and depart Sunday morning March 17th. Two nights accommodation is required for our guest athletes.

Many of our students have in the past and will this year be home stayed at other exchanges/IASAS competitions so this is a great opportunity to assist the school by providing accommodation for visiting athletes to make the weekend a resounding success.

Please complete form and submit ASAP. We will contact you the week prior to the event to let you know all the details relating to pickup/drop off times etc, to make the event a fulfilling and successful one for our ISM student athletes and for our guests from the IASAS schools.

General guidelines/expectations for host families when housing for an IASAS event:
Pick up and drop off from and to school on arrival and departure days (Mar 15-17, 2019)
Transport to school each morning and transport home each day at the end of play.
Provide a daily breakfast, some snacks and have an evening meal available.
Ensure there is parental/adult supervision when visiting students are at your home each evening.
Expect to receive curfew calls from the visiting students coach at 9pm each evening.
Please note team dinners in the evening are not allowed at IASAS events and students can be picked up from school at the end of each days play. IASAS Curfew is 9pm and no exceptions are allowed under any circumstances.
Please note: submission of the form to house does not guarantee you will have a guest to host. We hope to have more allocations than we need so some families may not receive a guest, you will be advised if this occurs.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your support.
If you require more general information/details about hosting during IASAS go to the ATAC Blog or

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