Jesus and Mary College Parents'Feedback Form
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Please rate the college as per the given criteria
1. Does the college provide a nurturing environment?
2. College's contribution in building a strong sense of values
3. Faculty Responsiveness
4. Does the college provide a positively challenging environment for academic and holistic development
5. Is the administrative staff and processes supportive
6.Does the college facilitate development of inner discipline and understanding of responsibilities and rights of the students ?
7. Is the overall ambiance of the college hygienic
8.Does the college provide a platforms for Co-curricular activities
9. Sports activities
10. Does the college connect the class room learning with actual field experiences ?
11.Does the Placement cell facilitate link between hiring organisations and students?
12. How effective is the Parent Teachers' Students' Association (PTSA) ?
13. Do you think your ward has experienced a positive growth in personality during her college days?
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14. Were your expectations form the institution adequately met?
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15. How often do you attend the PTSA meetings?
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16. Suggestions for improvement
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