Voluntown Affordable Housing Plan
The following questions ask for your thoughts regarding affordable housing. The State of Connecticut has made it mandatory for every municipality to have an Affordable Housing Plan in place by Spring 2022
All responses are anonymous, so please answer honestly. Thank you for your time and interest in this survey. This is Survey 1 in a series of surveys that will assist with the development of Voluntown's Affordable Housing Plan. This Survey is for Residents and Non-Residents of Voluntown.
Survey 1: Voluntown Housing Needs
A commonly accepted definition of affordable housing is housing that costs no more than 30% of a household’s income. Housing costs include mortgage or rent payments as well as utilities, property taxes, and condominium fees; therefore, affordable housing can be naturally occurring or can result from assistance. The State defines Affordable Housing as housing that costs 30% or less of household income for households making less than 80% of state or Area Median Income (AMI), whichever is lower. Per this definition, in Voluntown, a family of four making less than $78,500 per year or an individual making less than $54,950 per year could qualify for affordable housing.

What does the term 'affordable housing' mean to you?
Do you think the housing in Voluntown is affordable for the average family?
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Do you believe that a young adult (age 18-29) working their first full time job would be able to find and afford a house or apartment in Voluntown?
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Have you or anyone you know in Voluntown struggled to pay their housing costs in the past 12 months?
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In your opinion, does Voluntown have not enough, just right, or too much of the housing choices for the following populations?
Not Enough
Just Right
Too Much
Housing choices for young adults
Housing choices for families with children
Housing choices for individuals living alone
Housing choices for people who work in town
Housing choices for seniors
Housing choices for low-income households
Which types of housing would you support in town? Choose multiple answers.
Do you think increasing the housing options in Voluntown would positively impact the Town, negatively impact the Town, or not have much effect on the Town?
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What are the main reasons why you moved to (or are looking to move to) and continue to live in Voluntown? Check all that apply.
What are the features, assets and characteristics that make Voluntown a great place to live?
Are you currently a Voluntown resident, or looking to move to Voluntown?
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If you are a resident of Voluntown do you rent or own your home?
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If you are not a resident of Voluntown but want to be in the future, what is preventing you from moving here now?
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Would you be interested in volunteering on the Voluntown Affordable Housing Committee? If so, please leave your name and email address or phone number below.
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