Lindy Focus XVIII - Scholarship Application
Lindy Focus is offering scholarship passes to attendees who have both a high level of financial need as well as an outstanding commitment to the dance. We encourage applications by people of color and members of other historically marginalized and disenfranchised groups. We will also consider how an applicant contributes to a more progressive and inclusive dance scene.

Scholarship recipients will not be announced or required to do any work or promotion.

If you have questions or would like to apply by email, contact us at

Scholarships will be awarded in two rounds, with two deadlines:

September 1 - A limited number of scholarships are available for applicants who need to make travel plans early. Those submissions will be considered and responded to by September 8.

October 1 - All other applications will be reviewed and responded to by October 8. Those who did not receive a scholarship in the early round will be considered again in this round.

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Do you need to make travel plans early (before October 8)? *
A limited number of scholarships are available for applicants who need to make travel plans early. If you check "Yes" and submit you application by September 1, we will consider it and respond by September 8. Responses for the larger regular pool of applicants is October 8.
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Please provide two personal references. Be sure to include first and last name, email address, and relationship to applicant. *
References can be a teacher, student, community member who knows you well, or anyone who can speak about your eligibility (financial need, contributions to the dance community).
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Please provide a short statement of financial need, including how much you can afford to pay. *
Your answer is confidential. We have set aside funds to cover passes for attendees with financial need, and we will try to subsidize passes for as many as possible. If you are able to pay for part of your pass, we will have more funds remaining to distribute to others who need help paying for the event. NOTE: If you have already purchased a pass, please also explain why you can no longer afford that amount, as we would like this scholarship to help more people attend.
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Are you (1) a person of color or (2) a member of other historically marginalized and disenfranchised groups?
Your answer is confidential, but you must specify which group(s) you identify with for this to be considered in your application. We will use answers only to award passes.
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How do you contribute to the dance community? How do you help shape a more progressive and inclusive dance scene?
Please provide specific examples when possible!
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