2017 Maritime Surf Lifesaving Championships Registration Form
This form is to be completed by each athlete, competing for a club outside of Nova Scotia, who intends to compete in the 2017 Maritime Surf Lifesaving Championships.

Saturday August 5, 1PM-5PM, Martinique Beach.
The events will be: Surf Swim, Board Race, Oceanman/Woman, Oceanman/Woman Relay, Surf Ski Race, Board Rescue

The registration fee is $15/competitor.

In order to complete your registration, athletes must submit and attach at least one copy of legible documents that confirm and support each of:
1- Canadian Citizenship (Birth Certificate or Canadian Passport or Citizenship Card)
2- Date of Birth (Birth Certificate or Canadian Passport or Citizenship Card)
3- Lifesaving Society Award (you must hold Bronze Medallion or higher certification)
to sam.clarke@smu.ca.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email sam.clarke@smu.ca

Do you hold a current Lifesaving award (Bronze Medallion or higher)?
Will you be at least 15 years of age on August 5, 2017?
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