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Rules & Qualifications:
1. Bitcointalk Account rank must be Newbie or higher.
2. Bitcointalk Account must be at least 3 months old prior to posting this bounty thread.
3. Join Official Smart Bank Telegram Groups: and
4. Must wear Smart Bank's avatar (except for member and below ranks) & Personal Text
5. Must make 10 constructive posts with at least 75 characters per week
6. Spam posts, posts that were deleted by mods and Posts in the sections/boards below will NOT be counted.
Signature & Bounty Campaign thread
Games & Rounds
Off topic
Politics & Society
Beginners and help
Investor-based games
Micro earnings
Serious Discussion
7. Stakes will be added to the spreadsheets after the weekly deadline: Monday, 23:59 Midnight UTC.

Newbie = 5 Stakes/week
Jr. Member = 10 Stakes/week
Member/Copper = 20 Stakes/week
Full Member = 40 Stakes/week
Senior Member = 60 Stakes/week
Hero/Legendary = 80 Stakes/week
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