Rhode Island teacher & media specialist: National Geographic Summer Workshop Application
Basic Information about the NatGeo Summer Workshop
When: June 24-28
Where: Washington, DC
Who is eligible:
-teams of 2 middle school educators
-both must be from same school
-1 should be a science/social studies teacher and 1 should be in the role of a library, media, or technology specialist
-agree to 1 year commitment with Nat Geo with deliverables
Name (Last, First) of the Applicant
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Teaching Assignment/School Position
District and School
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Email Address
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Name (Last, First) of the other member of your team and their teaching assignment/school position
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Team member's Email address
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Describe why your team would be a good candidate to represent Rhode Island at this NatGeo national workshop.
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Let us know in what way/s you (and your team) would be able to commit to working with the Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance. What strengths does your team bring to the effort?
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