Rubbermen Pride Parade March
12 Noon
Castlefield Roman Fort, Liverpool Road, Manchester.

The theme for pride this year fairy tales. So while there will be lots of princesses, pink, glitter and Disney, we're turning that "happily ever ever" theme right on it's head; the fetish scene has always been about breaking moulds, defying the norm and challenging the rules so we're taking the fairytale ending and dropping a nuclear bomb on it! We're going scary, we're wanting post apocalypse, Mad Max, black, industrial, dirty, oil, metal, spikes, chains, goggles, pads, gags, harnesses, padlocks, gauntlets, belts, punk, gasmasks, wet, sweaty and rough. If you want to join us please just wear black rubber or as much black as possible (no mainly coloured pieces, a bit of coloured trim is ok if you can't borrow anything else). If you have time get to B&Q, an Army surplus store or Wilkos and think mismatching asymmetrical accessories, metal, end of the world, dirt, monochrome etc. We'll bring some lube and black stuff to make us all grimy and shiny to match on the day if you can't get anything in time, just be in black failing all else.
Do keep it family friendly still though so no bare asses or pup tails where you can see it going in.

Watch the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer here: it's hot, it's epic, it won the most Oscars this year so if you have time watch the whole film!
Check on the event page and RSVP and look at the gallery we've added for ideas:

We nearly didn't get into the parade this year when Pride closed applications from groups as they were focusing on corporate paid entries but luckily someone has convinced them and we're back in, unfortunately this means we only have the smallest entry space possible of 50 walkers meaning we really need people to sign up and commit to walking so we don't turn anyone away that could have done it.

PLEASE NOTE, if you sign up and don't show up on the day we will have to let others go before you on the list next time to be fair.

For those of you that are Rubber AND leather boys, we're marching right next to the Leathermen in solidarity so feel free to mix, it might not always go but it certainly goes with our theme this year!

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