Reggie's Friends Adoption Application
**Please note that there have been issues reported when filling out this application on Apple devices such as an iPad or iPhone causing the application not to be submitted. To ensure the application gets submitted properly, please fill out this application on a PC. If your application was successfully submitted you should receive an automatic confirmation email stating that we have received it.**

Please fill out this application in its entirety. We know it might seem in-depth, but all questions on this application are meant to help us determine if the dog you're applying for is a good fit for your family, home, and lifestyle! This questionnaire also serves as the interview process for us since we will likely not be able to meet you face-to-face. We promise our doggies are worth it!

Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. However, placement of a dog will ultimately depend on the best possible situation for everyone involved.

Barring any special circumstances (such as public holidays) you can expect your application to be processed in approximately one week.

If a question or field does not apply to you, please put “NA”.
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By filling out this application you acknowledge and agree to the following requirements:
You are at least 21 years of age.

You are able to financially afford the cost of a pet, both preventative and emergency treatment.

You are able to provide two non-family references.

You, nor anyone in your household, has ever been convicted of animal cruelty.

You agree to take the dog to the vet within 4 weeks of receipt for a general wellness check.

You are be able to claim the dog you're applying for within two weeks of application approval. Unfortunately, since Reggie's Friends is a completely foster-based rescue, we cannot commit to holding or reserving a dog under normal circumstances. If you wish to inquire about a dog but do not meet this requirement, please email with the details of your situation so that we may review your case.
Adoption Fees
The fees for adopting Reggie’s Friends dogs are as follows:

$ 350 for all dogs adopted within the local Houston, TX area
$ 500 for all dogs adopted outside of Houston, TX metro area

Fees include the cost of all relevant housing, feeding, vetting, and applicable transport costs. Fees are subject to change based on the dogs medical and/or transportation needs.

Fees must be paid within three (3) days of application approval. Once you are approved we will remove the dog from our website; however if the fee is not received within that time frame we will have to put the dog back up for adoption so they don't miss out on their next great opportunity.

Reggie's Friends cannot accept partial fees.

Fees can be paid via PayPal, Apple Pay, Chase Pay, or Venmo. We do not accept checks as a form of payment.

Adoption fees are non-refundable after paid.

General Information
**Please ensure that you are NOT filling this form out on an Apple device such as an iPad or iPhone. There have been multiple instances of difficulty in submitting this Google Form with these devices so please check now so as not to waste your time!**
Name(s) of Dog(s) Being Considered *
If approved, what is the earliest date that you would be willing to have the dog travel to you? *
NOTE: If the date is NOT within the next two weeks please STOP here and email to ask if an exception can be made for you.
How did you hear about this dog? *
Applicant First Name *
Applicant Last Name *
Applicant Age *
Applicant Occupation *
Applicant E-Mail Address *
Applicant Phone Number *
Spouse/Partner's First Name (if applicable) *
Spouse/Partner's Last Name (if applicable) *
Spouse/Partner's Occupation (if applicable) *
Street Address *
i.e. 1234 Fake Street
City *
i.e. Houston
State *
i.e. TX
Zip Code *
i.e. 77079
How long have you lived at this residence? *
Do you own or rent your home? *
If YOUR NAME is not on the deed, you do NOT own your home. If you are a child filling out this application on behalf of your parent(s), please note that by selecting "Other" and providing explanation. We have several resources in order to confirm the validity of the information you provide here. If you misconstrue your living situation, intentionally or unintentionally, we will delete your application automatically.
Have you contacted your landlord, rental property management, or the owners of the home in which you live regarding the adoption of the dog you're applying for? *
If not, do not continue until you have! **NOTE: If you live with a relative or in a property owned by a relative you must have already contacted them about this particular dog. This includes children filling out this application on behalf of their parent(s)! Again, if you attempt to mislead us in this regard we will delete your application.**
Does your landlord or rental property management have any breed or size restrictions regarding dogs? *
Check all that apply
If you rent your home or you live with a relative, please give us the name and telephone number or e-mail address of the homeowner, landlord or other property management entity. *
If YOU own your home please write "NA". If you are a child filling out this application on behalf of their parent(s) please provide contact information for your parent(s). Similarly if you live on a property owned by someone else (including relatives), please provide their contact information. We require 100% approval from the property owner!
Your Veterinary Care
Please list your current veterinarian or the one you plan to work with should your adoption application be approved: *
i.e. Houston Veterinary Services, 1234 Fake Street, Houston, TX 77079, (713) 555-4260
Have you visited this vet before with your own pets? *
Please pick the most appropriate option.
Are your current animals on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative medication? If so, please list which ones. *
If not, or if you do not currently own animals, please write "No" or "NA" as appropriate. However please also be aware that dogs require this year-round to prevent nasty creepy-crawlies.
Dogs can cost an average of $1500 per year, can you afford the financial cost of owning a dog? *
Sometimes dogs require different veterinary procedures to save their lives in an emergency or to improve their quality of life that have potential to cost thousands of dollars. Do you feel as though, regardless of the expense, your dog will always receive the medical care needed throughout his/her life? *
If there were an emergency situation where the dog needed to be transported quickly to a veterinarian, how would you plan to get them there? *
i.e. your vehicle, a close friend or family's vehicle, public transport, etc.
Please provide names and e-mail addresses for two non-family references. We will email them a form to fill out which should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Please ensure that your references will be able to communicate with us within a week's time so that we can get your application processed in a timely fashion.
Non-Family Reference #1 *
i.e. John Smith
Non-Family Reference #2 *
i.e. John Smith
About You
What are the driving forces behind your decision to adopt a dog now? *
Do you have children? If so, please tell us about them! We'd like to know names, ages, genders, and whether or not you feel as though they are respectful of animals. Are you willing to make sure that your children and your animals respect each other? *
Will your new fur-baby have any human siblings?
Have you or anyone in your household/family experienced or been tested for allergies to pets? *
What would be your plan if your new fur baby causes allergies for someone in your household?
Do you currently own any animals? If so, we'd like to know about them too! We would like to know name, breed, size, gender, age, and general temperament towards other animals. *
Will your new fur-baby have any feline, canine, reptile, or avian siblings?
If you have previously owned animals, please tell us about them and their current status (passed on, lost, given away, stolen, etc.). *
Let us know your experience with pets!
Please do your best to describe the lifestyle of your family. How would this dog fit into your home? What activities do you do or do you plan on doing with your dog(s)? *
Whether you're avid outdoorsman looking for a hiking partner or a bookworm looking for a snuggle buddy we'll find the right pooch for you!
Where and how will the dog be exercised each day? *
Tell us how you prefer to play with your fur-baby!
Where will your new dog sleep? *
What do you plan on doing with your dog while you travel if you cannot bring him/her with you? Do you travel often? *
Do you have a go-to kennel, trusted family member, or professional pet-sitter in mind for your fur-baby when you're gone?
Who do you believe will be mostly responsible for the care of the dog? *
Please tell us about your back up care plan for your new pet in case an unexpected life event occurs. *
This could include anything from providing temporary care in the event of of an unexpected hospitalization to assuming full responsibility of the pet in the worst case scenario. Do you have anyone designated to care for your pet in the event of the unforeseen? Even if you are applying with a partner, please answer this question in terms of neither of you being able to care for your new pet in the worst case scenario.
About Your Home
What type of home do you live in? *
Do you have a yard? *
Is your yard fenced? *
If your yard is not fully fenced, how do plan to keep your new dog from wandering away or running after another animal? *
If your yard is fully fenced please write "NA"
How would you best describe your surroundings? *
Please describe your home and neighborhood to us! *
Do you feel as though your situation is the best situation possible for the dog that you are applying for?
How many hours a day will the dog be left home alone? *
When you are not home, where will the dog be? *
Will he/she be outside in pen, inside free, inside enclosed in an area, inside in a crate?
Training & Discipline
What level of training are you looking for in your dog upon arrival from Reggie's Friends? *
Do you need a dog who is potty, leash, and/or crate trained?
Please tell us how much training you have time to put into your dog or puppy. What ultimate level of training are you seeking for them? *
Have you previously trained dogs? Do you plan on taking your dog to puppy and/or obedience classes? Are you looking for your new pup to certify as a service or therapy animal?
How do you plan on disciplining your new dog or puppy when needed? *
Will your new dog or puppy be allowed on the furniture or in beds? *
What issues would you be willing to work on with your dog? *
I consider the following as valid reasons for giving up a dog: *
Home Visit Pictures
Way to go! You've almost completed our application and are one step closer to saving a wonderful dog from the harsh Houston streets and giving them the forever home they deserve!

Since we cannot usually perform home-visits we ask that our applicants please send some pictures to that help us get a better feel for your home, family, and lifestyle.

Some good examples of photos we like to see are any current pets, kiddos, back yards, dog sleeping/play areas...anything you think would help us understand what your new fur-baby can expect!
Digital Signature
By typing my name below I, Applicant, hereby authorize this organization to check my references and veterinarian. I certify that all information provided by me in connection with my application whether on this document or not, is true and complete, and I understand that any misstatement, falsification, or omission of information shall be grounds for termination of this application. I acknowledge the fees listed at the top of this application and that, if approved for adoption, I must be able to pay this fee in full at least three days prior to claiming the dog. I acknowledge that Reggie's Friends reserves the right to refuse any adoption. *
Meet Your Dog!
How would you like to get to know your new fur-baby?
Once your application has been approved, we have several ways that you can get to know your new pup better. Let us know which ways work for you! Please try to check as many boxes as possible so as to provide options for our foster families :)
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