CTA/Cordelia Regional Resource Center Workshops - Survey for Members
Dear Napa, Solano, & Yolo County CTA Members,
We are interested in providing CTA workshops that are relevant and engaging for you! Please fill out this quick survey in order to let us know your interests and training needs. Please respond by November 23.
Thank you!
Your CTA/Cordelia RRC Staff



This session will present strategies for preventing and addressing bullying by students and adults. It will also introduce problem solving and conflict resolution techniques to help create an inclusive learning community.

Closing the Achievement Gap
This session will present highly engaging and effective instructional strategies that will support diverse learners in elementary and secondary classrooms.

Eliminating Student Loan Debt
Got student loan debt? You are not alone. This session will help you manage and reduce your student loans!

Organizing for Power
This session will help Chapter Leaders, Site Representatives, & other activists develop their organizing skills in order to move people to take action and to make a difference!

Preparing for Retirement
"I paid into Social Security through one job and now pay into CalSTRS. How does that affect my retirement?" "How many years of service do I need to get the maximum benefit?" Do you have questions? Our Retirement experts have answers! This session provides important information and resources for planning for retirement at any stage of your career.

Reducing the Risk of Teen Suicide
The Surgeon General has declared suicide a “serious public health problem.” This session deals with the sensitive area of teen suicide. It is designed to increase knowledge of the causes and warning signs of suicide and other destructive behaviors. This training will include resources for addressing and supporting students who may be exhibiting self-destructive behavior.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll - Know Your Rights Regarding Teacher Discipline
A Criminal Attorney will present important information for all educators to know about protecting your credential and livelihood. Nobody plans to get accused of misconduct, but you need to be prepared if you are. Find out how the Commission on Professional Competence and teacher dismissal process works and what to do if you find yourself in a situation that could negatively impact your career.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Schools
Do you have LGBTQ+ students and/or colleagues? Do you have the courage to create a safe environment that fosters bravery to explore sexual orientation, gender identity and expression? This workshop is a transformative experience into privilege, identity, laws and terms as it applies to SOGI. It may be of particular interest to those who want to foster positive relations and support LGBTQ+ students and colleagues.

Supplementing Your Pension w/ CTA's Endorsed Retirement Savings Plan - 403(b)
CalSTRS provides a moderate pension benefit but you’ll need to save on your own to have enough money for a comfortable retirement. In February, 2016, CTA introduced a top-notch benefit that offers high-quality investment options, very low fees, and no conflicts of interest so that all plan decisions are made solely in the interest of participants. Come learn how to save money and be better prepared for retirement with CTA’s Retirement Savings Plan.

Unconscious Bias
Research shows that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, has cognitive biases which influence interactions with others. Although these cognitive biases often occur outside of one’s awareness, they form basis of racial, gender and other stereotypes which may negatively impact the relationship among educators, students and their parents. In this program participants will explore the origins of unconscious bias and its effects on student learning. Participants will engage in dialogue and activities that build awareness of unconscious bias and enhance the quality of students’ education.

Women & Leadership: Managing Stress/Saying "No"
This session examines how to effectively manage stress through lifestyle and behavioral changes as well as techniques for time management and organization.
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