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M Mode 24|社區自定義
M for Macau & M for Manual (自定義) ~ 自己社區自己定義!

承2021年夏天的BOK Festival- M Mode 24 ,
Part 2 2022 WINTER -【M Mode 24|社區自定義 @瘋堂區】再臨!
連同社區小店和使用者共同策劃 !!馬拉松式社區藝文生活節!!周末市集、Hip Hop Party、Yoga Party、workshop⋯ 與你在白晝與黑夜間漫遊瘋堂!

瘋堂區 St. Lazarus District PART 2 2022 WINTER
【2022.1.8 (sat) 15:00 - 1.9 (sun) 21:00】



【 報 名 / 購 票 須 知 】
部分節目須收取費用,接受銀行匯款或電子支付,您可以中銀或M Pay付款;請細心閱讀以下流程,若遇到上任何報名問題,可於每日早上10:00 - 下午6:00 致電 6655 1380 查詢。

【 報 名 流 程 】
⓵ 在此表格內選定報名活動,可同時報不同項目

⓶ 填妥個人通訊資料,並提交訂單

⓷ 24小時內,您將收到確認短訊及費用總額,請留意Whats app/wechat/SMS短訊

⓸ 若須繳費項目,請依照短訊內的帳戶資料進行轉帳,請務必於48小時內完成轉帳,並截圖回覆我們;若超過48小時未能確認匯款,預留將被取消

⓹ 經確認後,待活動日於前台核對資料即可


/M mode 24/

24hrs Neighbourhood festival -The St. Lazarus District PART 2 2022 WINTER
【2022.1.8 (sat) 15:00 - 1.9 (sun) 21:00】

【Registration Notice】
Some programs will be charged, payment must be made by bank transfer or e-payment: BOC or MPay. Please read the process carefully, for any enquiries on tickets payment, please call 6655 1380 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.

【The Process】
⓵ Select a program to register from this form, and you can also register for different programs at the same time.

⓶ Fill in personal information and submit the order.

⓷ You will receive the confirmation SMS and the total entry fee within 24 hours. Please be mindful of your Whats app/wechat/SMS.

⓸ For payment required programs, please complete the payment according to the account info. on received SMS. Payment must be completed within 48 hours. As record, please send us screenshot or receipt after transaction. Reservation will be cancelled if the payment is due after 48 hours.

⓹ After confirmation, you can check-in at reception on event day.

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