2021 Oregon Squash Bee Survey Interest
Photo by James H. Cane

Are you interested in helping survey for squash bees in Oregon in the Spring of 2021? Complete this questionnaire and we will contact you with instructions on how to conduct your work in the Spring.
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What county do you grow squash plants in? *
Which county in Oregon are your plants in? If you have more than one county that you grow in, what is the primary county?
Do you grow squash in an additional county or counties? If so, please specify here.
List any other county that you grow squash plants in. If you do not grow in multiple counties, leave this question blank.
What is the zip code for where you primarily grow your squash?
What kind of squash do you grow? *
How many squash plants do you grow? *
Do you think you might've seen squash bees on your plants before?
Squash bees can look similar to honey bees but will behave differently. One noticeable visual difference is that female squash bees have hairy hind legs that collect dry pollen from squash flowers as opposed to the legs of a honey bee which typically collect pollen in a clump near the top of their smoother leg. You can see some squash bees at the beginning of this survey for further reference, but feel free to just take your best guess!
Photo by Elsa Youngsteadt
Photo by Elsa Youngsteadt
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