Grant for WoC in MRK's fiction workshops
In each of my short fiction classes, I offer at least one seat for a woman of color, funded in part by my Patreon supporters.

Why do I offer these seats? Because I regularly teach Short Story Intensive workshops and they have been predominately populated by white writers. The ability to register on short notice for a workshop is something that is tied to having ready funds lying around. Because income is often linked to color and gender due to the economic disparities in the United States, women of color are frequently caught in the intersection of race and gender. That means that many women of color are less likely to be able to register for a workshop on short notice.

This grant for women of color (including cis, trans, and genderqueer) is to help balance the playing field. Hopefully I’ll be able to offer other grants or scholarships for other disadvantaged groups as well, but for the moment, this is who we are reaching out to.

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The selection process: Two weeks before each class, I will draw a name randomly from the list and contact the recipient. They will have 24 hours to accept the invitation.

Class requirements: You need an interest in writing short stories, but you do not need to have written or published anything yet. You also must be able to use G+ Hangouts (Note: You don’t need a web camera, although they’re useful, but you do need a working microphone, a G+ account, the internet and some speakers so you can hear us).

Q. What if I can't attend the workshop? A. I'll keep you on the list until you can get in a workshop or ask me to drop you from the list. Once a year, I'll email to ask if you still want to be in the pool.

Q. Why is the selection process so simple? A. Because my classes are normally first come first serve, and I don’t ask what your writing background is. Asking the grant applicants to justify it seems like saying that they have to be better than other people in order to just get in the door.

Q. Why are you calling it a grant instead of a scholarship? A. Because a scholarship is earned based on proving one’s excellence. This is open to entry-level writers and doesn’t require proving abilities first, just a willingness to learn.

Q. Who are you and what are the classes? My name is Mary Robinette Kowal and the classes range from a short story intensive to a deep dive on Character Arcs. Here's a link to a sample one.

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