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If you would like to request a set of books for your students, please fill out all the details requested below. If you teach more than one class and would like to request different books for different classes, please fill out one form per class. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will receive the books you request, but we will contact you as soon as we match you with a donor. This means the books will come at NO charge to you. Once you are matched, we will send you the books you requested, plus teaching guides when available. You will be responsible for getting the books to your students. If your schools are distributing meals, we'd be happy to coordinate with them so we can get books to your students through that program. Please mark this in the notes if you're interested in that option. Thank you for all your invaluable work!
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Choose the book you think will best fit your classrooms' reading level. Books marked with a * will include a teaching guide. You can find more information about each book at www.cincopuntos.com
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