2019 ASF Scholarship Application
This is the required form for the scholarship application from Arrowhead Scholarship Fund. We strongly encourage you to read all of the instructions and fill out all necessary paperwork/required attachments before starting the application. The application can only be submitted once. You may not edit your application after submission.
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Email address - Please use a non-Arrowhead email address if possible because AHS email addresses are shut down right after graduation. It may be the same email as you used above. *
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If you don't live with your parent(s), please explain and give name, address and email address of guardian or nearest relative.
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It is anticipated that most parents will make some contribution to the educational expenses of their children. However, if that is not their intention or if some exceptional circumstances affect their ability to contribute, please describe these factors.
There are scholarships available that are based on financial need. Do you feel that you may qualify due to your family's financial situation? If yes, please explain.
Name the college, university, or technical school(s), etc. you plan to attend (or have applied to/been accepted at if you are unsure at this point). *
Major or intended career goals *
Will you complete four years of a foreign language at Arrowhead? *
Have you studied German at Arrowhead High School? *
Have you participated in three or more years of an Arrowhead performance group? *
Have you participated in a minimum of two Arrowhead sports (not intramurals) per year? *
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