South Canoe Trail Users Survey
The Shuswap Trail Alliance is seeking user feedback for the South Canoe Trail Advisory

The purpose of a Trail Stewardship Advisory is to work with the Shuswap Trail Alliance in support of the
ongoing planning and management of the South Canoe trail or system of trails, by:

1. acting as the point of contact for stakeholder engagement
2. providing direction to the Shuswap Trail Alliance on project priorities and planning
3. providing direction to the designated land managers responsible for decision-making
4. actively reaching out and inviting participation from community stakeholders
5. maintaining ongoing communication with all stakeholders
6. assisting with the development of an Annual Operating Plan
7. helping to coordinate community volunteer participation in trail care, including annual
inspections, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting
8. and liaising with the wider regional Shuswap Trail Stewardship planning circle . We assist the City of Salmon Arm and the Provincial Recreation Sites and Trails BC to manage the trail system.

We are looking for information about the South Canoe Trail Users and asking for feedback on how can we and our stewards best serve the diverse user groups that share the South Canoe. What are we doing well, and what can we be doing better?

Thank you very much for your time and insight!
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Wilderness experiences
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Family friendly trails
Easy access
Cooperating with industry users in the area
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Developing new trails
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Increased signage
Building a skills park
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