Bourbon "Value" Survey
When it comes to a bourbon's value, what does that really mean? Take this brief survey to share your thoughts. Check out the cumulative results once you finish!
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How much impact do you think value should have on the overall rating assigned to a bourbon/whiskey within a review? *
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Thank you! To put your thoughts into perspective, please tell us a little about yourself by answering the remaining questions below.
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What's the absolute highest price you would pay for a bottle of bourbon/whiskey that you intend to open and drink? *
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Are you inclined to spend more on a bottle of bourbon/whiskey if that bottle fills a void in your collection even if the contents inside that bottle might not be mind blowing? *
For a bottle in current production but difficult to find (in other words, exclude vintage bottles no longer available in the retailer marketplace), how much over MSRP are you willing to pay? *
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Significantly more than MSRP - gimme that good stuff!
Finally, bourbon/whiskey availability and pricing varies so significantly by geographical area it helps to get a gauge on how things are in your neck of the woods. Please complete the last few questions below by indicating how much the particular bottle tends to go for in your area.
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