IFU Member Survey 2019
It's after 10/15/2019. The drawing for $25 gift card has passed and the winner will be announced soon. The survey will remain open. Your answers are appreciated and will be recorded to help us serve you best.
In what year did you join Iowa Farmers Union?
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Does your membership with Iowa Farmers Union give you a sense of community and connection to agriculture?
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Please mark any of the IFU Events below in which you have participated in the last year or any year before.
any year before
interested but haven't attended yet
NFU Fall Fly-in
Field Days
Lobby Day at the Statehouse
Annual convention
Other (see below)
If Other Event, please type the event name below
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Do you receive information from IFU that you do not receive elsewhere?
If you chose Other, please explain.
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What is your preferred method for receiving news?
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Is there anything that you would like to see the Iowa Farmers Union do for its members that it currently is not doing?
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