Life Satisfaction Survey
How well do you really know yourself? Take my quiz and receive complimentary coaching report based on your answers.

This is NOT a pass/ fail test- it's a fun quiz, looking at different areas of your life and highlighting areas for improvement, with a few important exercises thrown in.

If you are in a relationship, it may be useful for your partner to take the quiz. She/he may have similar feelings and thoughts about certain areas. This will bring forward issues that you perhaps should work on as a couple.

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How satisfied are you with your life right now? *
Not at all satisfied
Very satisfied
How often do you set personal goals for yourself? *
How good are you at working towards your goals? *
Not that great- I need motivation and support
Fantastic, I'm on top of all my goals
Do you suffer from anxiety and if so, how bad is it? *
It's so bad- almost daily
Very seldom, only if something bad happened
Do you suffer from stress and if so, how bad is it? *
It's so bad- almost daily
Hardly ever, I'm very chilled
How are your confidence levels right now? *
I have no confidence and it affects my life badly
I'm a very confident person in most areas
Where is your Work-Life balance at? *
I need to work on it. I'm hardly ever at home.
Great, at work on time and at home on time.
What areas of your life are you very happy with? *
What areas of your life are you NOT happy with? *
When you look at the areas you are not happy with, which one is the most critical? Please only select one: *
Imagine the most critical issue in the previous question had been resolved. What would your life be like now? *
Your answer
What would that feel like, taste like, smell like? Who would you become as a result? *
Your answer
What would you need to do in order to start improving that critical area? List 3 things you'd need to start doing right now: *
Your answer
How serious are you about resolving this issue? *
Not at all, I can live with it right now
Very, the impact this is having on me is awful
How likely are you to get professional coach to help you work on that area? *
Not right now
I'm seriously thinking about it. I
If we were to work together, what would be your preferred coaching delivery? Please consider your current work/ life commitments and select your preferences: *
Before we end the survey, please tell me your name: *
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And your email address for you to receive your report on 'Life Satisfaction Survey' quiz: *
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Thank you & well done on completing the quiz. Please share it with your partner/ family/ friends and colleagues, thank you.
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