Thanksgiving Growlers from Ginger's Revenge
Thank you for including Ginger's Revenge in your holiday celebrations! We've had a few customers express interest in pre-ordering growlers and retail kegs for the holidays.
Here's how it works:
1. If you would like to order a retail keg, please email Cristina at
2. If you already own Ginger's Revenge growlers, you can bring these in and exchange them. In order to not be charged for new glassware, you MUST bring in your current growlers.
3. If you are interested in 3 or more growlers, but don't want to keep the glassware after the holidays, we will buy back the growler glassware from you as long as it is not chipped or broken.
4. Please fill out the form below with what you would like to purchase.

- Growlers must be kept refrigerated. If you are traveling farther than 2 hours with the growlers, we advise keeping in a cooler with ice.
- Un-opened, refrigerated growlers should be consumed within two weeks.
- Once you open the growler, consume within 48 hours otherwise the beer will go flat.

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Select "Other" if you would like to arrange another time to pick up your growlers. We will do our best, but cannot guarantee a time outside of normal tasting room hours.
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Honey Chamomile
Lime Agave
Pear Rosemary
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