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Hello! If you have been working from home for some time and have something interesting and helpful related to working from home to share with our community, please fill out this interest form if you would like to be interviewed as a guest on the podcast.

Your answers don't need to be long, but if you can complete all of the required sections and most of the optional sections, it will help us select from a wide variety of guests and expedite the scheduling/interviewing process. Thank you!
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Interview guests might telework for a company, remote work for a small business, or they might be entrepreneurs working by themselves or running a virtual team.  What's your role? *
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This podcast is going to focus on asking guests about their own experiences such as what led them to work from home as well as some of the unexpected benefits and difficulties that come with the lifestyle. We are curious about how you're working to improve your work-life balance. We are looking for what has worked and hasn't worked for you in hopes that it will help those who are just starting the journey to avoid some of the same pitfalls or to help those who are facing burnout or other challenges. Do you have any particular tips and tricks you've discovered along the way that might be helpful for others? *
Do you offer coaching, consulting, education, or other services for people who work from home? If yes, what do you do? *
Are you promoting a specific service or product of your own that might be of great interest to people who do or want to work from home?
Has someone else created a service, physical product, tech tool, or piece of equipment that you have discovered and used that has improved your own work-from-home experience? *
Please provide a short bio paragraph (around 100-150 words) we can read as we introduce you. *
If you've done or created anything notable or impressive, in the past or recently, and you accidentally left it out of your bio, now is the time to tell us! Degrees? Awards? Publications? Other achievements or accomplishments? Let it all out here:
If you have your own podcast, what is the name of it?
Our interviews are being conducted remotely. We will be using Riverside FM which will record to our computers and then upload the higher quality audio and video to the website for editing. If we schedule, please review the email you'll get for the link and a few tips (ie. Chrome browser). If you do join us for an interview, we would appreciate if you can use/borrow a decent microphone for quality audio and some simple headphones that you can plug in for listening to yourself as we are speaking. We can work with you to find a solution, if necessary. What do you think you would use? *
It's helpful to use video for a remote interview so we can build rapport, interact more, and avoid unnecessary dead air. Depending on the guest's comfort level and the timing of things, sometimes we will edit and publish a video version across additional platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. How does this sound to you? *
Is there a question or topic you're really hoping we will be able to get to if you're interviewed?
If you are interviewed and listeners/readers are interested in reaching out to you, what's the best way for them to contact you? *
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Additional information? What time frames are you available for recording? Anything else you want to tell us? Will you want to offer a giveaway around the time of our interview? Do you have any big launch dates to promote or travel you need to work around? Any more social media platforms?
How did you hear about this podcast? Is there anyone we should thank for bringing it to your attention? *
Please be prepared to email a headshot photo (no text) to april@yesiworkfromhome.com so we are able to feature you on social media around the time of your interview. If you offer products or services to people who work from home that you would like for us to feature on our website or in social media, you may also send your logo and one-sheet (if you have one or the other) describing things in even more detail to speed up the process, or you can wait until we contact you about scheduling something. We do prefer to have as much contact info possible entered into the fields above so we have everything in one place, but only the headshot will be required.  Select all that apply: *
We appreciate your willingness to share your stories and experiences with our listeners. We do not compensate our interview guests, and the content you provide is free for anyone to access via the podcast platforms, YouTube, or other social media platforms, as well as on the podcast website. Do you grant permission to Yes, I Work From Home, LLC, to record and publish your interview? *
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