Task Moderator Application
Please read the entire form carefully before applying. All roles require Discord access, so please create an account and join https://discord.gg/ClashRoyale if you haven't already.

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What roles are we looking for?
1. Post moderators.

As a post moderator, you must be able to do the following:
- Remove any content the violates our rules from the subreddit. That being both reported mod queue content and non reported content.
- Be able to understand what separates a high quality post from a low quality post.
- Report any rule violations that warrant a ban to the user relations team.
- Have a deep understand of Reddit rules, our rules and Supercell TOS.
- Understand toolbox and other Reddit moderator features.
- Be active, friendly and a capable team worker.

2. Discussion moderators.

As a discussion moderator, you must be able to do the following:
- Post at 6-9AM Eastern Time (USA).
- Know how to make quality and effective Reddit posts
- Be able to work with a schedule
- Be able to work with a large team
- Know what's what in the Clash Royale community. New deck types, new cards, new events.
- Be responsive and provide quality feedback regarding community discussions

**Notice** You may not be apart of more than one team at a time. All moderators are volunteers.

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