Application for OPI Negotiated Rulemaking Committees
You may use this form to apply for a position on a committee or to nominate another individual.

Social Studies Committee meets December 2, 2019 in Helena, MT
Career and Vocational/Technical Education Committee meets December 3, 2019 in Helena, MT
Computer Science/Library Media/Technology Committee meets December 5, 2019 in Helena, MT

The agency is seeking applications from interested parties to serve on one of three committees. The agency will seek individuals likely to be significantly affected by the proposed rule amendment, including individuals from the following groups:
school district trustees
K-12 school administrators
K-12 teachers
higher education faculty
school business officials

Members of the committee will be selected based on the following criteria:
cultural diversity
career and vocational/technical education content experience
district and school size
grade levels served

The members selected by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to serve on the committee must be able to adequately represent the interests of the persons that will be significantly affected by the proposed rule amendment.

Teleconferencing and e-mail correspondence will be utilized as much as possible.

Please contact Colet Bartow, Director of Content Standards and Instruction, or 406-444-3583, with any questions. For more information, visit

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