Belle Isle Conservancy Park User Feedback Form
Belle Isle Park is owned by the City of Detroit, managed by the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), and supported by the Belle Isle Conservancy; a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to protect, preserve, restore and enhance the nature, people, and places of Belle Isle.

Belle Isle Conservancy is seeking your input to help us align our work with community values wherever possible for a desirable shared park experience. Belle Isle Conservancy is committed to the highest quality of stewardship, management of the Belle Isle Aquarium and our dynamic volunteer corps, and coordination of programmatic and budgetary resources for the island's benefit now and forever.

Neither the questions nor responses of this questionnaire represent the views of the City of Detroit, State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Belle Isle Conservancy, or any other Belle Isle entity. Your feedback is voluntary and completely confidential. Data reporting will not include any unique or personal identifiers.

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What is the most important improvement that should be made to the park?
What do you already do on Belle Isle that could be better supported?
How much of a priority do you think the following improvements to Belle Isle should be given?
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5 (top priority)
Belle Isle Aquarium: complete restoration of facility, modernize tank exhibits and life support for the fish, add educational programming space
Beachfront Revitalization: renovate bathhouse, restore shoreline, add splash play facilities, transform former water slide site into seating and concessions area
Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory: stabilize the glass domed roof that is in disrepair
James Scott Memorial Fountain: stabilize foundation and modernize equipment
Clear selection
What does Belle Isle not have currently that would improve your experience?
What programs or events would you like to attend on Belle Isle? (Check all that apply)
What do you love about Belle Isle? What Belle Isle Stories would you like to share?
What, if any, challenges do you face when visiting Belle Isle?
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