SIS Course Waitlist Overide Request
Waitlist policy:
It is our policy not to jump students on the waitlist (i.e., let in a student at #4 before a student at #1). If a student has extenuating circumstances, he/she should mention them in the "Reason" field of this form so we may take them into consideration. Ultimately, the instructor decides how many students he/she will let in from the waitlist. Otherwise, students on the waitlist will remain there unless someone drops.

Please provide the link to this form for students requesting an override. We will use this form only to process such requests.

First: Be sure you are on the waitlist for the course before completing this form. If you need to join the waitlist, you can do so in the registration area in myUK. Keep in mind you cannot be registered for a class and waitlisted for another section of that class at the same time.
Second: Provide your information in the form below. Please allow one to two weekdays for a response. We endeavor to respond to override requests as soon as possible.

What is your full name? *
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Your linkblue username for myUK. We do not share your info. (Please do NOT supply your password or other details! It is bad for your privacy and will not help us process your override!)
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What class section are you waitlisted for? *
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Please enter the starting time and AM/PM after. (i.e., 1:00 PM). If online, please write n/a
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Please briefly explain the reason you are requesting an override. If there are extenuating circumstances (besides schedule conflicts, time preferences), please explain.
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