Get Involved at Ziontific 2020
June 19-22, 2020
Russell, MA
Event info:

Every year, the Ziontific family gets together to collectively celebrate the community and music that feeds us. It's through the devotion of our community members that we accomplish this unique solstice gathering. We are welcoming strong team members who love doing their part to co-create a magical weekend.
The Exchange
This position will require you to:

* Work a total of 12 hours before, during or after the festival
* Leave your valid license at the gate when arriving at Ziontific (will be returned upon shift completion)

This position will entitle you to:

* 1 GA Weekend pass, including music and camping
* Meal(s) served during your shift
* The support of a team who loves what we do as much as you!

**Please do not fill out this form until you have solidified a ride to the festival and are certain you will definitely be able to attend.

Thank you for your support!
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