VRA needs your help in 2020
This year will be a crucial one for our club. Not only will we start with the reconstruction of our clubhouse and the building of indoor training facilities behind it, we will also host international top-events this summer. As a consequence the construction works will have to be finished within the first half of the year. In order to make this possible, we appeal strongly to our members (above age 16). A lot of money is involved with these projects and with your help the club can seriously limit the expenses. Therefore we urgently ask you to make yourself available for at least a few days to help out with numerous supporting activities around the construction works. Think of moving things, cleaning, removing tiles, painting or perhaps you have specialist skills that we can use (see further on).

As we need to plan things thoroughly, we ask you to state your availability for every weekend for the coming 6 months. Of course we ask for your voluntary commitment, but in this case we want to emphasize that we see your help as an obligation that comes with being a member of our club. It doesn’t matter what it is you can do, as long as we can count on you.
The standard times to be available are from 09:00 to 17:00h, but will vary based on the working load for that day. During full labour days lunch will be provided for by the club.

Note that you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you provided. There is a button that allows you to go back to the form and change the values you entered earlier.
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