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Shipping Status for the Week of Monday 9/24/18

Due to our high temps last week we had to reschedule previous shipping requests to this week, so there are only a limited number of spots available for small orders of less than 5 geckos that do not have any add on geckos or wholesale lots.

*** Please remember that if you purchased wholesale geckos on our most recent sale (9/13 or after), it said that they would be available to ship in 2 weeks (October 1st or after). Please do not schedule a ship date before then. ***

Monday Sept. 24th - Only orders less than 5 auction or retail geckos (no add ons or wholesale lots).

Tuesday Sept. 25th - Only orders less than 5 auction or retail geckos (no add ons or wholesale lots).

Wednesday Sept. 26th - Only orders less than 5 auction or retail geckos (no add ons or wholesale lots).

As always, the forecast can change quickly. If temps become unsafe we may have to postpone and you would be notified via email.

Please use this page (fill in fields below) to request a ship date for your animal purchase.

*** Autofill may not fill the form correctly. Especially if you are having your package held at FedEx. If using Autofill please verify your info before submitting. ***

*** Please do not submit questions in this form as they may not be seen until your package is shipping and may cause a delay. If you have questions, please email or message us. ***

**** Orders that will include 10 or more geckos must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance. ****

*** Shipping requests must be made at least a full 24 HOURS BEFORE the requested ship date in order to be put on the shipping schedule. **** Orders that will include 10 or more geckos must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance. ****

You may submit a shipping request but if the temp is unsafe on that day, your package will not be shipped. If we cannot safely ship your package you will be notified via email.

If you need to change the date or ship to address, please email and ask to have your submission deleted and submit your new request at your convenience. If you do not notify us to cancel your first submission, your package may ship on whatever day you had submitted first.

We only ship packages containing animals via FedEx Next Day Priority shipping. Delivery is usually made by 10:30 AM but some more remote areas can be late afternoon/early evening. Please call FedEx (1-800-463-3339) to confirm Next Day Priority delivery times for your location.

Please note that FedEx may leave your package on the porch. They may not ring your bell or knock on your door. You must monitor the delivery with the tracking information that is sent to you.

*** Someone must be there to accept the package as required by our live arrival and health guarantee. There are no guarantees if you are not there to receive the package. ***

Please remember that we cannot ship a package based on the hourly temperature for the morning that it is expected to arrive at your location. We must plan for the high and low of the entire day in the event that the package gets delayed. The temperature may be safe that morning but if the package gets delayed and is stuck in a cargo hold, on a truck or in a warehouse that is not climate controlled, it could end very badly for our friends in the box. We package and ship with the animals best interest in mind.

Cold packs are used in all temps over 80F for geckos (or over 76 for baby geckos). We will use heat packs for snakes as needed based on our experience.

Please see the "Safe Shipping Temperature Guidelines" section below for more details.

***** Something to be aware of is that if it is much cooler in our area and warmer in your area, we may have to wait for a day when the temps are closer together because we will not be able to use a cold pack without possibly harming the geckos. Also, Crested Geckos are very sensitive to heat and we will typically only be able to use a heat pack in very large shipping boxes such as the ones we use for wholesale orders. Heat can be a much greater threat to the health of the gecko than the cold when we are able to ship following our safe shipping guidelines. *****

***** Please do not try to warm up any animal with artificial means if they are cold when they arrive. Let them come up to room temperature naturally. You could harm or kill your them by trying to warm it up too fast. This would also void the health guarantee. *****

Many shipping FAQ type questions will be answered as you proceed through this form. If you get to the end and still have shipping questions you may want to visit our Rules and FAQ:

If you have further customer service questions, please email

Your information will not be shared with anyone except SYR (ShipYourRepties)/FedEx for the sole purpose of delivering your packages.

If you are in Canada or are having your geckos shipped to the Hamm Reptile Show, please use this form when the ship date is near:

* Canada/Hamm Submissions Only *

Shipping Address & Contact Info Verification
*** Autofill sometimes leaves out important information (like names or addresses). Please verify your info before submitting. ***
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Please enter the FedEx Ship Center address instead of your address in the section below this one if you will be picking up at the hub. This keeps the package from being accidentally put on a truck for home/office delivery.
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Please enter your phone number (with the area code). FedEx requires a phone number for all shipments.
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Please enter your email address. We will use this to send you tracking information and in the event that we need to contact you about your shipment. Be sure it is TYPED CORRECTLY or you may not get tracking information.
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Please select requested SHIP Date. This is the day that it LEAVES our location. *
Orders will arrive the following morning, for example: ship date of the 10th means arrival on the 11th. We only ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (weather permitting). Please visit to check our shipping status for the week (link at the bottom of the page). ***** We do not ship on Thursday or Friday (a missed delivery can result in the package being left in an extremely hot or extremely cold truck or warehouse all weekend resulting in the death of the animals). *****
Shipment Details
How many animals are you expecting?
Please specify how many of each. For example: 5 Crested Geckos, 1 Gargoyle Gecko, 1 Ball Python, etc.
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If you are expecting any animals that are NOT listed in one of your orders, please provide a description/reminder here.
This is to remind us if anything else is to be included in your shipment. You may also note here if you do not want any freebies that may have been included with your purchase. *** Please do not ask questions here. If you have questions, please email or message us. ***
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The order numbers can be found in the email receipt(s) or when you log in to your account on our website. Order numbers look like this: 300XXX
Please only enter order number(s).
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Safe Shipping Temperature Guidelines
The expected LOW temperature on your delivery day (the day it arrives at your location) must be above freezing (33F+).

The expected HIGH temperature on your delivery day (the day it arrives at your location) must be 85F or below to have geckos delivered to your door.

*** IF you have your package held for pickup at a FedEx Shipping Center (not a copy/print or other "authorized" location), you may schedule delivery on a day when your expected HIGH temperature will be up to 90F. ***

While we do not want to hold on to your animal(s) (we could really use the space :) we set these rules to ensure that they arrive in a safe and healthy state. The lives of the animals matter to us regardless of their monetary value.

Your Shipping Temperatures (The day it ARRIVES at your location)
Please visit (this is the site that we will use to determine safe shipping temps) and enter your zip code to find your high and low temp for the day your package arrives. Forecasts can change quickly. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO EMAIL to reschedule shipping IF YOUR TEMPS WILL BE UNSAFE on your arrival day.
Enter Your LOW Temperature For Your ARRIVAL Day (not the day we ship it). *
Must be ABOVE FREEZING (33F+).
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Enter Your HIGH Temperature For Your ARRIVAL Day (not the day we ship it). *
For delivery to your home or business the temperature cannot be over 85F. Please see our safe shipping guidelines (shown above) for options when the temperature is above 85F.
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What is your Facebook ID/Name? (In case we cannot reach you via email)
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The next page (after you click "Submit") will be the only confirmation that we have received your shipping request. *
FedEx will email your tracking info late in the evening the day that your package has shipped.
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