PCA Financial Assessment Questionnaire
The goal of this assessment is to help you look into your organisation’s current financial processes. At PCA, we help our clients achieve best financial practice, so as to create long term value.
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Do you currently have a budget for 2019? *
Budgets helps businesses forecast income & expenditure. In so doing, you can plan ahead to avoid unpleasant financial surprises.
Do you know how much was invested in your company last month, and what the return on investment was? *
Return on Invested Capital (ROIC): Understanding the capital invested and what the real return is helps you assess if the projects invested in were worthwhile.
Do you know the main factors that can increase or decrease your profit? *
Having an understanding of internal & external factors that your business is exposed to, helps you know what to track, and plan ahead adequately.
Do you know your breakeven point? *
This is the minimum number of products sold or services done, needed to cover the cost of running your business in a month.
Who prepares your company’s accounts? *
Company’s account can be prepared by external personnel/company or in house hire.
Do you receive the financial accounting report of your company? *
Financial Accounting Report is a summary of your business activities to measure your performance.
How often does your firm reconcile bank statements? *
Bank reconciliation statement is used to reconcile your recorded transactions with your corporate bank account statements.
Is your company up to date on Taxes (PAYE, Withholding Tax, Monthly VAT Remittance)? *
Tax is a periodic fee paid to government. It is a commonly overlooked financial obligation by businesses, that ends up costing the business more in future, or hindering growth.
Do you have a process for following up with debtors? *
Collection of debt is very important so as to manage cash flow.(A debtor is an onigbesé to your company).
Do you know your company’s capital structure (The debt to equity ratio)? *
A company’s capital structure is how you finance your operations. Debt; loans from banks, family and friends etc. Equity; your personal money invested to the business.
Please comment freely on your organisation's financial state and where you are currently facing challenges. *
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